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The following is a further addendum of entities and individuals that have been identified by the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1267 (1999) concerning Afghanistan, in accordance with paragraph 8 (c) of resolution 1333 (2000).  This is the fifth addendum to the consolidated list dated 8 March 2001 (AFG/131-SC/7028), as amended on 20 August 2001 (AFG/142-SC/7124), 8 October 2001 (AFG/150-SC/7166), and 19 October 2001 (SC/7180 and SC/7181).

According to paragraph 8 (c) of Security Council resolution 1333 (2000), all States are required to take further measures to freeze without delay funds and other financial assets of Usama bin Laden and individuals and entities associated with him as designated by the Committee, including those in the Al-Qaida organization, and including funds derived or generated from property owned or controlled directly or indirectly by Usama bin Laden and individuals and entities associated with him, and to ensure that neither they nor any other funds or financial resources are made available, by their nationals or by any persons within their territory, directly or indirectly for the benefit of Usama bin Laden, his associates, or any entities owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by Usama bin Laden or individuals and entities associated with him including the

Al-Qaida organization.

The Committee will continue to maintain an updated list, based on information provided by States and regional organizations, of the individuals and entities designated as being associated with Usama bin Laden, including those in the Al-Qaida organization.


Aaran Money Wire Service Inc., 1806 Riverside Avenue,

Second floor, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Al Baraka Exchange L.L.C., P.O. BOX 3313 Deira Dubai, UAE;

P.O. Box 20066, Dubai, UAE

Al-Barakaat, Mogadishu, Somalia; Dubai, UAE

Al-Barakaat Bank, Mogadishu, Somalia

Al-Barakat Bank Of Somalia (Bss) (A.K.A. Barakat Bank Of

Somalia), Mogadishu, Somalia; Bossaso, Somalia

Al-Barakat Finance Group, Dubai, UAE; Mogadishu, Somalia

Al-Barakat Financial Holding Co.Dubai, UAE; Mogadishu, Somalia

Al-Barakat Global Telecommunications (A.K.A. Barakaat

Globetelcompany), P.O. Box 3313, Dubai, UAE; Mogadishu,

Somalia; Hargeysa, Somalia

A1-Barakat Group Of Companies Somalia Limited (A.K.A.

Al-Barakat Financial Company), P.O. Box 3313, Dubai, UAE;

Mogadishu, Somalia

A1-Barakat International (A.K.A. Baraco Co.), Box 2923,

Dubai, UAE

Al-Barakat Investments, P.O. Box 3313, Deira, Dubai, UAE

Al-Barakaat Wiring Service, 2940 Pillsbury Avenue, Suite 4,

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

Al Taqwa Trade, Property and Industry Company Limited,

(F.K.A. Al Taqwa Trade, Property and Industry) (F.K.A. Al

Taqwa Trade, Property and Industry Establishment) (F.K.A.

Himmat Establishment), C/O Asat Trust Reg., Altenbach 8,

9490 Vaduz Fl, Liechtenstein                        

Asat Trust Reg., Altenbach 8, 9490 Vaduz Fl, Liechtenstein

Bank Al Taqwa Limited (A.K.A. Al Taqwa Bank) (A.K.A. Bank Al Taqwa),

P.O. Box N-4877, Nassau, Bahamas; C/O Arthur D.

Hanna & Company, 10 Deveaux Street, Nassau, Bahamas

Barakaat Construction Company, P.O. Box 3313, Dubai, UAE

Barakaat Group Of Companies, P.O. Box 3313, Dubai, UAE;

Mogadishu, Somalia

Barakaat International, Hallbybacken 15, 70 Spanga, Sweden

Barakaat International Foundation, Box 4036, Spanga,

Stockholm, Sweden; Rinkebytorget 1, 04 Spanga, Sweden

Barakaat North America, Inc., 925 Washington Street,

Dorchester, Massachusetts; 2019 Bank Street, Ottawa,

Ontario, Canada

Barakaat Red Sea Telecommunications, Bossaso, Somalia;

Nakhiil, Somalia; Huruuse, Somalia; Raxmo, Somalia; Ticis,

Somalia; Kowthar, Somalia; Noobir, Somalia; Bubaarag,

Somalia; Gufure, Somalia; Xuuxuule, Somalia; Ala Aamin,

Somalia; Guureeye, Somalia; Najax, Somalia; Carafaat, Somalia

Barakaat Telecommunications Co. Somalia, Ltd., P.O. Box 3313,

Dubai, UAE

Barakat Banks and Remittances, Mogadishu, Somalia; Dubai, UAE

Barakaat Boston, 266 Neponset Avenue, Apt. 43, Dorchester,

Massachusetts 02122-3224

Barakat Computer Consulting (BCC), Mogadishu, Somalia

Barakat Consulting Group (BCG), Mogadishu, Somalia

Barakat Global Telephone Company, Mogadishu, Somalia; Dubai, UAE

Barakat Enterprise, 1762 Huy Road, Columbus, Ohio

Barakat International Companies (BICO), Mogadishu, Somalia; Dubai, UAE                        

Barakaat International, Inc., 1929 South 5th Street, Suite 205, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Barakat Post Express (BPE), Mogadishu, Somalia

Barakat Refreshment Company, Mogadishu, Somalia; Dubai, UAE

Barakat Telecommunications Company Limited (A.K.A. Btelco), Bakara Market, Dar Salaam Buildings, Mogadishu, Somalia;

Kievitlaan 16, T'veld, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

Barakaat Wire Transfer Company, 4419 South Brandon Street, Seattle, Washington

Barako Trading Company, LLC, P.O. Box 3313, Dubai, UAE

Baraka Trading Company, P.O. Box 3313, Dubai, UAE

Global Service International, 1929 5th Street, Suite 204,

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Heyatul Ulya, Mogadishu, Somalia

Nada Management Organization Sa (F.K.A. Al Taqwa Management

Organization Sa), Viale Stefano Franscini 22, Ch-6900

Lugano Ti, Switzerland

Parka Trading Company, P.O. Box 3313, Deira, Dubai, UAE

Red Sea Barakat Company Limited, Mogadishu, Somalia; Dubai, UAE

Somali Internet Company, Mogadishu, Somalia

Somali International Relief Organization, 1806 Riverside Avenue,

2nd Floor, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Somali Network Ab, Hallybybacken 15, 70 Spanga, Sweden

Youssef M. Nada, Via Riasc 4, Ch-6911 Campione D'italia I, Switzerland

Youssef M. Nada & Co. Gesellschaft M.B.H., Kaertner Ring

2/2/5/22, 1010 Vienna, Austria


Abdullkadir, Hussein Mahamud, Florence, Italy.

Aden, Abdirisak; Akaftingebacken 8, 163 67 Spanga, Sweden;

DOB 01 June 1968

Ali, Abbas Abdi, Mogadishu, Somalia

Ali, Abdi Abdulaziz, Drabantvagen 21, 177 50 Spanga,

Sweden; DOB 01 January 1955

Ali, Yusaf Ahmed, Hallbybybacken 15, 70 Spanga, Sweden;

DOB: 20 November 1974

Aweys, Dahir Ubeidullahi, via Cipriano Facchinetti 84,

Rome, Italy.

Aweys, Hassan Dahir (a.k.a. Ali, Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys)(a.k.a. Awes, Shaykh Hassan Dahir), DOB: 1935; Citizen:Somalia)

Himmat, Ali Ghaleb, via Posero 2, ch-6911 Campione

D'Italia, Switzerland, DOB: 16 June 1938; POB: Damascus,

Syria; citizenship: Switzerland and Tunisia

Huber, Albert Friedrich Armand (a.k.a. Huber, Ahmed),

Mettmenstetten, Switzerland; DOB: 1927

Hussein, Liban, 925 Washington Street, Dorchester,

Massachusetts; 2019 Bank Street, Ontario, Ottawa, Canada

Jama, Garad (a.k.a. Nor, Garad K.) (a.k.a. Wasrsame,

Fartune Ahmed), 2100 Bloomington Avenue, Minneapolis,

Minnesota; 1806 Riverside Avenue, 2nd floor, Minneapolis,

Minnesota; DOB: 26 June 1974

Jim'ale, Ahmed Nur Ali (a.k.a. Jimale, Ahmed Ali) (a.k.a.

Jim'ale, Ahmad Nur Ali) (a.k.a. Jumale, Ahmed Nur) (a.k.a.

Jumali, Ahmed Ali), P.O. Box 3312, Dubai, UAE; Mogadishu, Somalia

Kahie, Abdullahi Hussein, Bakara Market, Dar Salaam Buildings,

Mogadishu, Somalia                                

Mansour, Mohamed, (a.k.a. Al-Mansour, Dr. Mohamed), ob.

Heslibachstr. 20, Kusnacht, Switzerland; Zurich,

Switzerland; DOB: 1928 POB: Egypt or UAE.

Mansour-Fattouh, Zeinab, Zurich, Switzerland.

Nada, Youssef, (a.k.a. Nada, Youssef M.) (a.k.a. Nada, Youssef Mustafa), via Arogno 32, 6911 Campione d'Italia, Italy; via per Arogno 32, ch-6911 Campione d'Italia, Switzerland; via Riasc 4, ch-6911 Campione d'Italia I, Switzerland; DOB: 17 May 1931 or 17 May 1937; POB: Alexandria, Egypt; citizen: Tunisia.

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